Brown Lady

Brown Lady
Ghost on Staircase

Monday, February 9, 2009

Linear Time

I have always felt it a little presumptuous and perhaps ethnocentric to assume that our existence beyond death would occur in linear time. If it is possible to survive death in some form, then something more wondrous and incomprehensible than quantum physics exists. In quantum theory, time is not necessarily linear. Why not a haunting by a ghost who has not even been born, let alone died? Why couldn't we haunt in the past?

I know if I were a ghost and was suddenly free to travel back in time as easily as left or right, I would travel back and experience historic events first hand. I would be there when the first Americans arrived on the continent; I would observe battles in the Revolutionary War and witness the signing of the Declaration of Independence; I would watch battles in the Civil War and experience the trauma of the assassination of President Lincoln; I would find out, once and for all, if Oswald acted alone. And if I could travel back as a ghost, perhaps I would also try to change history -- to save as many lives as I could. Perhaps this has been happening for a Milena; perhaps our world, our time, is made and remade several times.

If we can go back, and if reincarnation is a possible transition from one form of existence to another, maybe we can be reincarnated from people not from our past, but from our future.

It seems to me that if we are to dream and theorize about the scientific possibilities of ghosts, we should open our eyes to all possibilities where life, and time, are quite different than what we are used to.