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Brown Lady
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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

How Long do Ghosts Haunt?

It seems that many buildings and sites that date from around 1200 AD to the present are reportedly haunted. But what about places that are older? I wonder if there is a time limit to hauntings. Have ghosts been seen or heard in caves once occupied by Cro-Magnons or Neanderthals? I suppose my question is, if ghosts are real, how old can they get? Is there another death to look forward to? Is their energy whisked away to some other universe or plane of existence? Or are they recycled back into the world of the living -- reincarnation.

It seems odd to me that time would have anything to do with ghosts. If they are real, I just don't seem them existing in a world where time is as linear as ours. Perhaps I am way off base here, but I think exploring such questions might lead to some insight in answering the first question: are ghosts real?

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Autumnforest said...

Good question. I have another one...Can ghosts be in two places at one time? I always thought we were too linear in our thinking of ghosts as one person/one soul. I've heard of many incidents in which two family members in different parts of the country saw the same dead relative at the same time. Why do they haunt cemeteries? Well, the living go there to grieve and perhaps their grief calls them forth. The cemetery certainly isn't the site of their death. We really have to think outside of the box to answer these things. How long does a ghost last? Perhaps as long as the geology allows?