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Brown Lady
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Thursday, October 23, 2008

Ghost Hunting

Ghost hunters talk about three main types of paranormal activity: An Intelligent Haunting, a Residual Haunting, and Poltergeist Activity. I think that’s getting way too precise about a field that is so imprecise that many don’t believe in it. It’s like discussing the various types of Bigfoot out there when we haven’t confirmed Bigfoot even exists. And, actually, this is something Bigfoot hunters have done!

What if all hauntings are intelligent? What if all are residual? What if an intelligent ghost is really responsible for poltergeist activity? Shouldn’t ghost hunters just focus on collecting as much data as they can to prove the existence of ghosts (enough to convince a reasonable person – I know there are skeptics out there that will never believe, even if they become a ghost).

Once enough data is collected, then they can parse out any statistical differences that may point to a variety of ghost types. That brings to mind another question I’ve had: what about the data being collected right now? There are probably hundreds of ghost hunting groups out there who actively seek out evidence. What do they do with any evidence they collect? Is there some kind of national or international database where the data is kept? Or does each group hold onto the evidence they have, only letting a select few view or listen to it? It makes me wonder if enough evidence to prove ghosts exist is already out there, spread out in little snippets in the closets of several amateur ghost hunter’s houses.

What do you think about ghost hunting?

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