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Brown Lady
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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Haunted Cemeteries

One place many ghost hunters tend to investigate are cemeteries. While cemeteries themselves can be very creepy, especially older cemeteries at night, I've never been convinced that cemeteries are the right place to investigate ghosts. Granted, there are a lot of dead people in a cemetery, but this isn't where the departed lived and loved nor is it where they died. I would think that the energy that remains after death would be pulled more toward those places where there was some connection -- beyond the physical body. Eventually, all that remains of ones body is completely consumed by nature. So having some connection to ones body makes no sense for those who investigate very old cemeteries in areas with highly acidic soil.

Also, I think that cemeteries can cloud minds and shape interpretations. In the same way that any sound or shadow in a creepy, falling down old house can elicit extreme reactions and ghostly interpretations, I think that an old cemetery with decomposing gravestones can have the same effect. Some people expect to hear or see a ghost in a cemetery, so any sound or unusual movement is automatically attributed to ghostly activity with little or no scientific reasoning.

Having said that, I still love to walk through old cemeteries -- especially at night. Whether the cemetery is a haunted place or not, everyone buried there is a potential ghost. We just need to find out where they are haunting. So what do you think about cemeteries? Do you think they should be investigated by ghost hunters?

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Buck said...

Ghost hunters don't investigate. They wander around hoping for a good scare. You're right there's really no reason to investigate a cemetery unless something very strange happened there at some point and most paranormal investigators don't bother precisely for the reasons you state. :)